More About Invisble Labor

I came across this article below in a recent spelunking thru my feeds. The article is called “I am the Keeper” (see link below) and entails a parents multifaceted roles that moms play within the family unit. The article seems to take pride in owning all this work though I found myself wondering if there was someone else who could help manage the load. Maybe thats how the arrangement works for her or maybe that that’s what she wants. I don’t know. You have to figure out what works for your family though I think it needs to be a conscious choice.


Because all these things I keep are invisible, intangible. They go unnoticed and unacknowledged until they are missed. They are not graded or peer reviewed or ruled on by a court. And sometimes they are taken for granted.

As in my last post, make sure your family dynamics are what you want them to be in terms of split labor. If they are not, they change them. It will be hard so try and when you fail try again. I would begin by saying thank you to your partner though who has shouldered the burden so they know you see what they are doing. That’s all I have figured out so far at-least.


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